Hello, welcome to kio’s spot!

My name is Sijie Shen (or kio my nickname), currently working as an algorithm engineer at DJI JAPAN. I got my BS of Engineer & BS of Art at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and MS degree in The University of Tokyo, majoring in Computer Vision.

Aside from working and coding, I am obsessed with animes, comics and especially GAMES (ACG). In my spare time I occasionally record the game play and upload it here (“Bilibili”, a website full of ACG things :D). I believe the form of game (interactive media) is the complete set of entertainment.

This blog mostly records my learning notes and the parts I stuck in coding (I use OneNote to save my notes, and these notes will be rewritten here chosenly). If you find any post helpful, fell free to leave your words in comment area or directly email me at the address below.


E-Mail: kiorisyshen@gmail.com
Github: https://github.com/kiorisyshen